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As experts in the measurement and analysis of human movement we help our clients achieve their performance or health related goals by offering holistic, application specific, or tailor-made solutions.

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MOTIONMETRIQ offers solutions in all areas of motion analysis. We have existing solutions for cycling and run gait analysis, and are developing new technology for the medical, aerospace, and motorsports industries. Our team of engineers and analysts are available to create custom motion analysis solutions as well. For more information, please contact us at any time.





Biomechanical Expertise

The MOTIONMETRIQ team and our strategic partners have a broad range of sports biomechanics and human movement expertise across the performance, injury, lifestyle and health/wellness fields. We pride ourselves on our ability to understand the needs of our clients and curate the selection of products and services that meet their needs and the demands of their analysis environment.



Accurate human movement analysis demands precise tools, hardware, protocols and training. MOTIONMETRIQ offers a variety of analysis options at many price points, degrees of precision, and complexities. Precision is a hallmark of every product that we offer. Whether you are a researcher, work in sports or medical biomechanics, or are a coach or retailer seeking cost effective hardware and software, we have a solution for you.


Passion for Health and Sports

MOTIONMETRIQ’s founders and staff have direct high level coaching and performance experience in Cycling, Triathlon, Soccer, Running and MLB. In addition, members of the team have corporate and workplace biomechanics experience with cleanroom manufacturing (semiconductors) and Military/Law Enforcement. Our team directly supports multiple Olympic Gold medalists and world/national champions.

Our sister company Cyclologic provides sports science and technical support to Sports NGB’s (National Governing Bodies) and world class professional teams. We strongly believe that all workplace, lifestyle and sports activities benefit from better movement strategies.


Tried and Tested Know-How

The MOTIONMETRIQ team and our partners get biomechanics DONE. We leverage decades of in-the-field human movement experience. We support ~500 motion capture clients and athlete analysis clients worldwide in 34 countries and across 10 languages. Our team manages hardware, software and revision updates globally from our offices in Scottsdale, AZ.



MOTIONMETRIQ’s experience in sports science and research began at Trinity College in Dublin in the early 90’s. The college Human Performance Lab needed great thesis projects, and subjects to participate in the studies. MOTIONMETRIQ's founder had cycling and exercise science questions, and access to a large cycling population. This was the beginning of a journey that led to work in the high tech semi-conductor industry, college, full time teaching for both Intel and FAS (Government Educational body), relocation to the US, work in Cycling retail, orthotics/orthotics tech, 2D and 3D motion capture, teaching cycling biomechanics, elite athlete performance strategies, wind tunnel development and a host of other biomechanics and human performance projects.